JUN. K is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer, and actor under JYP Entertainment.

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Title: Sketchbook
Also Known As: 스케치북 , Seukechibuk
Performer: JUN. K
Composer: 베르사최, 준케이(JUN. K)
Arranger: 베르사최
Lyricist: 준케이(JUN. K)
Title: Home
Also Known As: 집 , Jip
Performer: JUN. K
Composer: 를(LEL), 준케이(JUN. K)
Arranger: 를(LEL)
Lyricist: 준케이(JUN. K)
Title: 30 Minutes Might Be Too Long
Also Known As: 30분은 거절할까 봐 , 30buneun Geojeolhalkka Bwa
Performer: JUN. K
Composer: Adrian Mckinnon, Andreas Öberg, Christoffer Semelius
Arranger: Andreas Öberg, Christoffer Semelius
Lyricist: 박진영, 준케이(JUN. K)
Title: THIS IS NOT A SONG, 1929 (Korean Ver.)
Performer: JUN. K
Composer: 준케이(JUN. K)
Arranger: 베르사최, 준케이(JUN. K)
Lyricist: 준케이(JUN. K)

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