Iori Kanzaki

Iori Kanzaki

  • Name: カンザキイオリ
  • Also Known As: Iori Kanzaki , Kurogaki , 黒柿 , クロガキ
  • Official Links: Twitter · iTunes · Spotify · Youtube

Iori Kanzaki (カンザキイオリ), formerly known as Kurogaki (黒柿), is a male producer.

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Title: Hated by life itself.
Also Known As: 命に嫌われている。 , Inochi ni Kirawarete Iru.
Performer: Hatsune Miku, Iori Kanzaki
Composer: Iori Kanzaki
Aarranger: Iori Kanzaki
Lyricist: Iori Kanzaki

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