DISH// is a Japanese pop/rock band under Sony Music Records and managed by Stardust Promotion. It consists of TAKUMI (main Vocal, guitar), MASAKI (chorus, guitar), To-i (rapper, DJ, flying dish) and Izumi Daichi (drums).

All Song Releases

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Title: I Can Hear
Performer: DISH//
Composer: Takeshi Isozaki
Arranger: Yoshimasa Kawabata
Lyricist: Takeshi Isozaki
Title: FLAME
Performer: DISH//
Composer: Shinquo Ogura
Arranger: Arata Umehara, Shinquo Ogura
Lyricist: Shinquo Ogura
Title: Neko
Also Known As: 猫
Performer: DISH//
Composer: Aimyon
Arranger: Tomi Yo
Lyricist: Aimyon
Performer: DISH//
Composer: Hiroki Arai
Arranger: Hiroki Arai
Lyricist: Hiroki Arai
Title: Can Beer
Also Known As: 缶ビール
Performer: DISH//
Composer: Naoto Okabe, To-i Tachibana
Arranger: Naoto Okabe, To-i Tachibana
Lyricist: To-i Tachibana
Title: Uchuusen
Also Known As: 宇宙船
Performer: DISH//
Composer: Daichi Izumi
Arranger: Daichi Izumi
Lyricist: Takumi Kitamura
Title: No.1
Performer: DISH//
Composer: Naoya Endo
Arranger: akkin
Lyricist: Junji Ishiwatari
Title: Bokura ga Tsuyoku.
Also Known As: 僕らが強く
Performer: DISH//
Composer: Hattori (Macaroni Empitsu)
Arranger: Hattori (Macaroni Empitsu), Kohei Munemoto
Lyricist: Hattori (Macaroni Empitsu)

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