DAWN is a South Korean rapper, singer and songwriter under P Nation.

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Title: Still (feat. Crush)
Also Known As: 가마니 (feat. Crush) , Gamani (feat. Crush)
Performer: Crush, DAWN
Composer: Crush, 권필립, 던(DAWN)
Arranger: 권필립
Lyricist: Crush, 던(DAWN)
Title: Butterfly
Also Known As: 호랑나비 , Horangnabi
Performer: DAWN
Composer: 강필성, 권필립, 던(DAWN), 유건형, 이혜민
Arranger: 강필성, 유건형
Lyricist: 던(DAWN), 이혜민
Title: Ordinary Night
Also Known As: 평소와 똑같은 밤 , Pyeongsowa Ttokgateun Bam
Performer: DAWN
Composer: Crush, 강필성, 던(DAWN), 유건형
Arranger: 강필성, 유건형
Lyricist: 던(DAWN)
Title: DAWNDIDIDAWN (feat. Jessi)
Also Known As: 던디리던 (feat. Jessi) , Deondirideon (feat. Jessi)
Performer: DAWN, Jessi
Composer: 싸이 (PSY), 유건형, 페노메코(PENOMECO)
Arranger: 유건형
Lyricist: D.Ark, 던(DAWN), 싸이 (PSY), 제시(Jessi)

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