DAOKO (ダヲコ) is a Japanese female singer and rapper born in Tokyo. She started her career at the age of 15 in 2012 when one of her uploaded videos on Nico Nico Douga received attention.

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Title: Achilles Ken
Also Known As: アキレス腱 , Achilles tendon
Performer: DAOKO
Composer: DAOKO
Aarranger: Akito Katayose, DAOKO, Seiichi Nagai
Lyricist: DAOKO
Title: Ocharaketa yo
Also Known As: おちゃらけたよ
Performer: DAOKO
Composer: DAOKO, pxzvc
Aarranger: pxzvc
Lyricist: DAOKO
Title: Otogi no Machi
Also Known As: 御伽の街
Performer: DAOKO
Composer: DAOKO, Nariaki Obukuro
Aarranger: Nariaki Obukuro
Lyricist: DAOKO, Nariaki Obukuro

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