B.O.Y is a South Korean pop duo consisting Kim Kookheon and Song Yuvin formed by The Music Works.

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Title: PS
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: 옴즈(Hommes)
Aarranger: 옴즈(Hommes)
Lyricist: 옴즈(Hommes)
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: GARDEN, Krady, VENDORS
Aarranger: Garden, Krady
Lyricist: VENDORS
Title: BLANK
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: +1, B-rock, HotSauce, J-Lin
Aarranger: +1, B-rock, Hotsauce, J-Lin
Lyricist: +1, B-rock, HotSauce, J-Lin
Title: WE
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: MosPick, Young Chance, 권덕근, 송유빈(비오브유)
Aarranger: MosPick, 권덕근
Lyricist: 조유리(Jam Factory)
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: $UN, STAINBOYS
Aarranger: STAINBOYS
Lyricist: $un, Blue.C
Title: Lighthouse
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: Bull$EyE(불스아이), Ondine, real-fantasy, 텐조
Aarranger: Ondine, real-fantasy, ull$EyE(불스아이)
Lyricist: Bull$EyE(불스아이), Ondine, real-fantasy, 텐조
Title: Sigyebaneul
Also Known As: 시계바늘
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: VVN, 김지선, 서원진
Aarranger: 서원진
Lyricist: 키비(Kebee), 텐조
Title: Got Your Back
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: Bull$EyE(불스아이), Dopplay, Eastwest, 텐조
Aarranger: Bull$EyE(불스아이), Dopplay, Eastwest
Lyricist: Bull$EyE(불스아이), Dopplay, Eastwest, 텐조
Title: Starlight
Also Known As: 별,빛 , Byeol,Bit
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: Young Chance, 권덕근, 송유빈
Aarranger: 권덕근, 서원진
Lyricist: 김국헌, 송유빈, 조유리(Jam Factory)
Title: My Angel
Performer: B.O.Y
Composer: Fixman, Sept Rabbit ($ept Rabbit), 텐조
Aarranger: Fixman, 서원진, 홍준
Lyricist: 키비(Kebee), 텐조

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