Okura Asuka (大倉明日香), better known as ASCA is a Japanese pop singer signed to SACRA MUSIC. She made her debut in 2013 after becoming a finalist at the 5th Animax All-Japan Anisong Grand Prix. After focusing on her studies, she resumed her music career in late 2016. Her songs have been featured in the anime series The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Fate/Apocrypha, and Sword Art Online.

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Title: Inochi ni Kirawarete Iru.
Also Known As: 命に嫌われている。 , Hated by life itself.
Performer: ASCA
Composer: Iori Kanzaki
Aarranger: HALAmin.
Lyricist: Iori Kanzaki
Title: Libra
Also Known As: 天秤-Libra-
Performer: ASCA, Takanori Nishikawa
Composer: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)
Aarranger: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)
Lyricist: RUCCA
Title: Ikareta Sekai Daro Kamawanai ze
Also Known As: いかれた世界だろ構わないぜ
Performer: ASCA
Composer: Saku
Lyricist: ASCA, Saku
Title: Don't disturb
Performer: ASCA
Composer: DJ Mass, Haruhito Miyashita
Lyricist: ASCA, DJ Mass, HiYO Ribery
Title: CHAIN
Performer: ASCA
Composer: Ryosuke Shigenaga
Aarranger: Ryosuke Shigenaga
Lyricist: ASCA, Ryosuke Shigenaga

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