Aina Suzuki

Aina Suzuki

Aina Suzuki (鈴木愛奈) is a Japanese voice actress managed by IAM Agency and a Japanese pop singer signed to the Lantis label. She is known for her roles as Mari Ohara in "Love Live! Sunshine!!" and Jashin-chan in "Jashin-chan Dropkick", as well as her activities as a member of the idol group Aqours.

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Title: Motto Takaku
Also Known As: もっと高く
Performer: Aina Suzuki
Composer: Hideyuki Asada, Kenta Kuriyama
Aarranger: IKW
Lyricist: Hideyuki Asada
Title: Yasashisa no Namae
Also Known As: やさしさの名前
Performer: Aina Suzuki
Composer: 戸田一義
Aarranger: IKW
Lyricist: Yuriko Mori
Title: Hikari Iro no Uta
Also Known As: ヒカリイロの歌
Performer: Aina Suzuki
Composer: ZAQ
Aarranger: Tsubasa Ito
Lyricist: ZAQ

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